How do I join Giokick?

The first step to becoming a member of Giokick Martial Arts is to try out one of our classes for FREE (All classes, excluding Yoga).

Giving you or your child the opportunity to:-
  • Participate in a class.
  • View our facilities.
  • Meet the Giokick instructors/staff.
  • See what Giokick are all about and what we have to offer.
  • Talk to staff regarding our current joining fees and class costs.

What do I wear?

To start, we recommend tracksuit bottom with a T-shirt or aerobic wear. No footwear will be required (bare foot), as all classes are done on a fully matted protective flooring.

Then on becoming a member of Giokick, you or your child will be supplied with a uniform.

Do I have to be fit or experienced?

No previous training or martial arts experience is required. Plus, you don't have to be young or fit to join! You just have to want to increase fitness, gain the valuable personal security skills that martial arts offer, whilst having fun!

Here at Giokick, we encourage each member to work at his/her own pace and we monitor all students on an individual basis.

What are the costs?

We don't expect our students to be tied down to lengthy contracts. Therefore, we offer easy payment plans that can be opted out of at any time. Having both a standing order and 'pay as you go' option available.

Full membership joining fees and details of the various class costs/options are explained fully to you on completion of your first free no obligation trial lesson.

Do I need to Pre-book a trial?

Yes, all trial lessons are pre-book ONLY.

For adult classes, why not use the link below to pre-book your free trial lesson.

For children's classes, please contact Giokick staff direct for availability, using the 'Contact us' page or by calling tel: 01922 662854.

When can I join?

Straight away!  What are you waiting for?
So why not contact us today to arrange your free trial.